Why Do Girls & Women Go Commando?
Why do girls and women go commando? For comfort. To feel free. Because we absolutely cannot stand the available underwear options, we prefer not to wear underwear at all. but we want something to replace it. Elastic binds us in all the wrong places. Granny panties are so cumbersome and not sexy. Bikinis cause visible panty lines and wedgies. Thongs are... well, thongs. Nothing comfortable about them. That string up the back, a perfect avenue for fecal bacteria to travel where they are not wanted. The reason females wear underwear is to hold the cotton crotch in place. That's it! Cotton, the fabric that is natural, absorbent, best for a moisture barrier, soft and soothing to our sensitive vulvas, and doctor-recommended for years. Most medical professionals tell us that we need some hygienic protection in our pants, that bacteria can grow in fabrics that are not cotton, and that we need to let our vaginas breathe. Going commando eliminates panties, but that means it also eliminates the cotton protective barrier in your jeans, workout pants, dress pants, and shorts. The crotch inseams of pants can be very irritating and can ultimately cause inflammation, infection, and discomfort. GoCommandos patches answer all these underwear issues when you wear any clothing with a crotch inseam. The cotton protection. the moisture absorbent barrier. the soft, soothing feel of freedom on your vulva. No panty lines whatsoever, because there are no panties!!! And you don't have to wash or dryclean any of your pants that often. So many women have told us they have searched for years for something to replace panties that work and feel good. They needed and wanted something so they could "go without" but nothing was out there. GoCommandos patches are now their solution. Gals that have already 'gone commando' and are now wearing GoCommandos cotton patches understand how uncomfortable the pants' inseams were and now how totally comfortable the patches make the seams. They claim they don't even know the patches are there! This is from a new customer... "I've tried them in a particular pair of jeans. Wow, what a awesome product! It's like night and day as far as comfort goes. I no longer have that sand paper like seam to cope with but rather a cushioned soft protection." Gayle, CN Now this is how you go commandos and have every benefit you ever wanted!
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