The Commandos Group was founded in 2005 to bring our invention of an underwear free cotton replacement to the Jeans fashion market. For lack of a better word to describe it adequately, we called it a "Patch". It turns out that our Patch has opened a dialogue we never expected, far beyond fashion and eliminating Visible Panty Lines. Who knew? We are so grateful to you, our Customers, for all of your comments and what you have shared with us about your lives, needs, preferences, and stories.

So many of you have told us that you don't like to wear underwear of any style, that it is uncomfortable, cumbersome, binding, and restrictive. But you also told us you still need something to wear in your pants, jeans, and leggings to cover irritating seams, to protect your precious lady parts, to keep you and your clothing clean and hygienic, and still to allow you to feel feminine and sexy.

The Solution turned out to be our GoCommandos Patch with a custom adhesive and shape designed for the special area of our bodies and our clothing inseams.

Our Patch also has other uses, which make it a versatile item for your wardrobe. By cutting the lobes, each lobe can be used in a hatband for a sweat or makeup protector. Lobes can be cut and put in the heel of your shoe or directly onto your heel to prevent rubbing. Because we use medical grade adhesive and the patch can be applied directly on your skin, you can cut any shape and use as a nipple cover or a patch over a sore bunion. It works well, too, as an underarm shield. A versatile little thing, isn't it???

We, Jo Bernard and BK Phillips, the inventors of the Original GoCOMMANDOS® patch and founders of the company, have learned a great deal about the various painful physical conditions that so many of our customers experience and how our patch has changed their lives. We are humbled by what many of you endure and are so gratified that we can provide some level of comfort for you. The GoCOMMANDOS® Patch is now far more than the fashion solution we originally designed it to be. The health and medical benefits are so profound and we hope to be able to reach more and more women with our simple, yet brilliant, product for healthy living.

Our vision includes the liberation of the last bastion of female sexuality. It has become OK in mainstream America to speak openly about boobies and booties, and now we are opening the doors to let vaginas be OK to talk about, which, by the way, over half the planet have one! We give kudos to Eve Ensler who brought "The Vagina Monologues" to theatre, thus allowing men and women alike insight into the core of female sexuality.

We believe that all of Humankind seek freedom, happiness, bliss, and ultimate peace and that Nonviolence, humankindness, integrity, courage to stand up to injustice, community, forgiveness and reconciliation, all need to be prevalent for humanity to thrive. By including your stories and comments, we hope to grow the visibility and conversation for better medical treatments for women and girls, suffering from painful conditions that need more research and attention. This all seems to be a natural progression of the benefits of the Patch.

Our blog will feature information from physicians and physical therapists who work with young girls and women who have these conditions. We will share and enlighten you in "all things vagina" to create a platform for discussion and to provide resources for many.

Talk about it. Tell your friends. Try a GoCommandos Patch. You might be VERY happily surprised at what could become your new favorite habit!

In 2001, Jo founded Freedom's Children, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching and support of Nonviolence philosophy, principles, and tools. This work is vital and is the cornerstone of how we are choosing to develop our total company vision.

The invention, production, and sales of the GoCOMMANDOS® patch is the corporate piece that supports and expands our vision. The values and corporate responsibility of The Commandos Group are extremely important to our business practices and we hope to your expectations of us as well. The combined approach of a corporate for-profit entity and a not-for-profit organization is part of our vision for a healthier, more responsible corporate America.

If you've actually read this long-winded vision, then perhaps now you will know who we are, how we think, and what are intentions are for our company and humankind. We thank you for listening and for visiting our website.

We hope you enjoy GoCOMMANDOS® patches and Join the Panty Free Revolution!!!

Stay Happy and Dwell in Possibility…it's a wonderful place to live.

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