Who is Evy Femma?
Ev'y Femma is Every Woman! She's you! Ev'y Femma has her own voice, her own mind, and creates her life as the woman she envisions herself to be. Ev'y Femma creates her own style to feel classy, relaxed, and free, to be smart and sensual without fear. She simply wants to feel and look her best, be comfortable, healthy, independent, sexy, and happy. From all backgrounds and ages, in all sizes, shapes and colors, Ev'y Femma knows who she is, making choices that work for her. Ev'y Femma believes in the humanity of others, in doing her part to protect and save our planet, in self-discovery and self-celebration, and in the gift and gratitude of her friendships. Ev'y Femma knows that it is in the imperfection that she is perfect. That she is OK and enough. It is her own integrity that defines her. That's Ev'y Femma. And that's why we know she's you.
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