The Heart of Our Vision
"It's timeā€¦it's just plain time to shed the historical chastity belt, cover-it-up-at-all-costs mentality, and allow girls and women to choose to go underwear free without embarrassment. We want to keep vaginas happy, safe, protected, and comfortable! The Commandos Group is revolutionizing underwear by offering the authentic standard of a cotton panty free patch. We want all of you to have the freedom to act and think "outside the box" and to change paradigms as we know them. We are encouraging all girls and women to feel the freedom that works best for them, to feel the freedom of empowerment and of independent thinking. Travel with us to explore all that 'going commando' offers, effects, allows, and changes. There is a Panty Free Revolution and we invite you to join it." Jo, the Founder of GoCommandos Patches
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