"Since 2005 when Commandos Patches were founded, I have heard from so many of you. I am Dr. Ev'y Femma and I know how uncomfortable traditional underwear, thongs, elastic bands, and going commando in your jeans and pants without any cushiony protection can be. Some of you suffer from very painful pelvic, vaginal, vulvar, and bladder conditions, or have yeast infections from non-cotton panties. I, along with many of my fellow physicians and physical therapists, recommend GoCommandos® cotton patches to all my patients for safe, secure, cotton protection and comfort. I have included more information, resources, and testimonials here for you to read and learn why so many in the medical community are supporting the use of GoCommandos® Patches. Knowledge is power and the more you know about your own vagina and how to keep it healthy, the more empowered you will be."
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